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Sunflower Girl | Idaho Child Photographer

Oh the many faces this girl makes crack me up! She’s not lacking personality. I want to capture it all—the smile, the silly, the stinker face, the serious! It’s all part of who she is. These childhood sessions are so …

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When Hearts Come Home | Boise Family Photography

It’s always fun meeting new clients and this family was a great bunch to hang out with for an afternoon. Nanci is a dear childhood friend of my mother-in-law’s and has followed my work for years. I was excited when …

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Miss R ~ YOURStory Senior Portraits

This senior girl session was near and dear to my heart as I’ve known this beauty since she was around 3 years old. I’m thankful for the wonderful friendships and special people in my life these years since I planted …

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Thirteen | Idaho Teen Photographer

We have a teenager in the house. Well, we have had one for six months now, but we’ll not talk about me being behind on posting sessions again. Mkay, moving on. She’s always been pretty mature for her age, yet …

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Miss B ~ 4 Year Old | Outdoor Children’s Photo Session | Idaho Child Photography

We had a blast during this outdoor children’s photo session with my littlest. I love me some golden light! I also love the curiosity and spunkiness of this little girl. She definitely keeps me on my toes for sure! This …

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T.w.e.l.v.e. | On Location Child Photographer

Being an on location child photographer allows me the freedom to work with each client and truly capture who they are and where they live and love. We had so much fun capturing these images of Mackenzie to celebrate her turning …

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Paradise Valley Couple Session | Idaho Lifestyle Photography

Leaving the Interstate, the exit sign read Paradise Valley. And as I reached the ranch where I was photographing, there was no denying that was an accurate description of the place where my clients live and work. Not being an Idaho …

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Three | Outdoor Lifestyle Child Photographer

Full of life. Full of personality. Full of energy. That’s her! She’s brought so much joy to our family and we can’t imagine life without this little three-year-old. I love this age, not only with my own kids, but also …

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W Family ~ Mini Photo Session

It’s quite fun to have repeat clients who come back each year or with each milestone in their lives because then I get to see how the kids have grown and changed. Seeing this family again always makes me smile. …

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Family Photo Session Tips | Family Lifestyle Photography

So, you’ve decided you want a family portrait session. Now what?! Here are some family photo session tips to consider. Studio vs. On location. The first thing I recommend is deciding what type of portrait you want. Are you looking for …

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D Family Your Story Session | Idaho Portrait Photography

One of the best parts of doing family photography is getting to know my clients–––learning who’s quiet and reserved or who loves the camera, while bringing out the best in each,  watching them interact as a family and share moments, …

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