Winter Scenes ~ Take Two | Idaho Landscape Photography

Angus bull in winter Angus cows in snow cows in snow Angus bull in winter Black Angu bull Angus cattle in winter winter scenes Angus bull in winter Black Angus bull winter scenes, icicles

Currently it’s raining…a far cry from the winter scenes I’m posting here. All the snow is gone and with all the moisture we’ve had lately, everything is green, green, green. Yay! But, it wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t think we’d ever see spring or green grass again. I was asked to submit some photos for a couple different projects recently and was going through files to edit. I kept coming back to these. Our winter was characterized by tons of snow, followed by freezing rain, then more snow. This happened over and over again.

I remember this particular day when I was able to get outside. The sun was shining and the sky was blue—even if there was still three feet of snow on the ground. This winter was a doozy, but there is beauty in all the whiteness too. I know I really appreciate the other seasons after the barrenness of winter.

Each morning I could hear the noise of the tractors as they were warmed up, then driven into the pastures to deliver hay. The cattle carved pathways in the snow as they plodded through the drifts to and from water and feed. Every morning we woke up to yet another blanket of white, covering up the paths, yet they never quite disappeared. The snow was up past my knees as I captured most of these images. In fact, as I look at them I notice that the six-wire barbed wire fence only has the top three wires showing…so much snow. It was a winter we won’t soon forget. I’m hoping Mother Nature decides that was enough too. ;0)

It’s a lot easier to look at these images now and appreciate their beauty. Isn’t that the way it is with most of life? As you’re going through the hard stuff, all you can think about is how to get to the other side of it. We’re always looking for something better, especially if we’re in a hard season. I catch myself doing this sometimes, more times than I would like. I need to embrace the season I’m in wholeheartedly. I’m not saying it’s always easy, but there is beauty in all seasons. We might just have to look a little harder for it.

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Thirteen | Idaho Teen Photographer

We have a teenager in the house. Well, we have had one for six months now, but we’ll not talk about me being behind on posting sessions again. Mkay, moving on. She’s always been pretty mature for her age, yet there is a childlike quality about her too. Thank goodness! Don’t grow up too fast sweet girl. She’s not afraid to be silly, and I hope she never loses that quality. I can take myself too seriously sometimes and that is not a trait I want to pass onto my kiddos. She loves to make me laugh and always seems to sense when I need a hug. Her love of learning continues and we’re excited to see where that takes her. We’ve had some fun mother/daughter trips during the past year. I cherish these experiences and memories we’re making together.

We had fun during her special birthday session last fall. She added some new hardware to her smile and a few inches to her height. I’m pretty sure she’s going to outgrow her dad and me! She loves showing cattle and does a good job. She entered the 7th grade and seems to be handling the transition like a pro. We enjoyed watching her run cross country, play basketball and now tennis for her school. We try not to put too much pressure on her, but really appreciate how responsible and helpful she is around the house and with her younger siblings.

We’re so thankful for this kind, caring and hard working young lady. Each birthday that passes is just a little more bittersweet. So grateful for healthy and happy kids, but each day they get a little closer to being on their own. Of course, that’s our main goal, raising children who are kind, generous, productive adults. But, they will always be my babies! I would be lying if I said I didn’t wish time would slow down, but I really try to enjoy and appreciate each stage my children are in. There are hard times and blessings through it all!

Sometimes the tween/teen years get a bad rap, and for sure there are growing pains. But, it’s also a time for kids to delve further into their personalities and figure out a little more about who they are. I don’t want to miss capturing this stage of my own kids or others. Kids need to know what gifts they are. I want them each to recognize their God-given talents, learn to make good friends and be a good friend, be able to make and learn from mistakes in a safe environment, and remember how truly special each one is. Kids tend to grow up too fast already; a lifestyle portrait session helps capture these moments in time. And I must not be too uncool because there was minimal eye rolling during this session, ha!

You can enjoy the rest of the images in her YOURStorybook.

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Miss B ~ 4 Year Old | Outdoor Children’s Photo Session | Idaho Child Photography

outdoor children's photo session outdoor children's photo session outdoor children's photo session

We had a blast during this outdoor children’s photo session with my littlest. I love me some golden light! I also love the curiosity and spunkiness of this little girl. She definitely keeps me on my toes for sure! This is such a fun age to capture the expressions of little ones. Their personality just shines through. This one is not lacking for any; that’s for sure! She started preschool shortly after this and just loves it. She’s a little mix of her siblings in looks and personality, but also her own little person. (Yes, if you’re keeping track, I’m several months late in blogging these.)

Whether kids are shy or outgoing, I always get down on their level and get to know them a little more before putting my camera in their face. This little miss is no stranger to the camera, but some kids definitely need more time to warm up. And making their outdoor children’s photo session the best experience possible is my main goal. I want kids to walk away only remembering how much fun they had.

Big sister tagged along as my assistant, and I love this sweet image I captured of the two of them. I’m so excited to give Miss B the YOURStorybook I created with these images too. My kids love looking at their photo books, and I love having a way to remember their birthday milestones along the way. The days are long, but these years are flying by! You can see more of this ray of sunshine here. They don’t stay little very long, so it’s definitely worth investing in capturing these memories.

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