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It’s been a couple weeks since our county fair and as I go through the photos, the memories come flooding back. The whole week was exciting and exhausting, but well-worth all the hard work and effort. Fair week is the culmination of a whole year of work. This was our oldest’s fourth year and our second daughter’s first year in 4-H.



The girls both showed on the same morning, so I helped with sheep while my husband helped with the cattle. Luckily the show rings weren’t too far from each other so I could go back and forth and was able to catch each of the girls in their classes. My inlaws were there so we kept texting back and forth to see what was happening and keeping tabs on the classes.

MJ didn’t feel very well the morning of the show and ended up getting sick a few times, but she showed through it. We were proud of her for not giving up and doing her best despite feeling less than par.

E was ready to go right from the start. She has worked really hard with her lambs this year. At a cattle show earlier this summer, the judge had said she probably had the most determination of anyone in the class. Well, that was certainly evident on fair show day as well. She was focused and ready to do her best. Both of the girls did very well, but more importantly, they had fun. The week was full of keeping animals and barn clean, helping others when they needed it, spending time with friends, supporting other club members showing, visiting with people walking through the barns and being good representatives of our club and our community.

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Idaho Sunset

sunsetI’ll never tire of watching the sun set on another day in Idaho. When I take the time to stop and reflect on the day, whether good or bad, easy or hard, I choose gratitude knowing I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

It’s the last day of July and with that our summer is quickly coming to a close. Our county fair begins next week and school will be starting soon. We’ve had a very fun, albeit very fast, summer. All I can do is live each day as best I can, be respectful of my husband, mindful of my children, loving toward others, dedicated to my work and hopeful for our future.


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Showing Sheep

sheep show 2015-07-07_0002 2015-07-07_0003 2015-07-07_0004 2015-07-07_0005 2015-07-07_0006 2015-07-07_0007 2015-07-07_0008 2015-07-07_0009 2015-07-07_0010 2015-07-07_0011 2015-07-07_0012 2015-07-07_0013

Our second daughter is showing sheep this year for the first time. It’s her first year in 4-H and she has been hooked from the beginning. In fact, the new 4-H year started in October, and she asked almost weekly when she would be getting her sheep. We picked them out in April and brought them home in May. Needless to say, she’s made up for the prior months not having them as she feeds and waters them several times a day, as well as works with them twice a day. It’s really nice to know she can be outside with them by herself and I don’t have to worry about her. And Little Sis always tags along; she may love the sheep more than anyone! During 4th of July weekend she attended a local show. It was great for her and the sheep to get out and get some experience away from home. Older sister and younger brother also participated in showmanship; they both had fun too!

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