Idaho Junior Beef Expo 2016 ~ Lifestyle Livestock Photography | Filer, Idaho

Another Idaho Junior Beef Expo has come and gone. It was such a great weekend with family and friends!

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Jayten was so excited to show “Lily” in the PeeWee Hereford showmanship. Thanks to our friend Emilee for letting him use her heifer.

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So very proud of these girls! They did a great job in showmanship. MJ won her class and was Champion Overall Angus Showman. Emma also won her showmanship class and competed for overall.


Little J loved helping the Holt family. One of the things we really love about showing cattle is all the families we get to spend time with. The older kids are helpful and mentor the younger ones. We always enjoy catching up with our cattle friends.

IJBE_2016DSC_3027_blog IJBE_2016DSC_3030_blog IJBE_2016DSC_3033_blog IJBE_2016DSC_3043_blog

Love to see them help each other.
IJBE_2016DSC_3089_blog IJBE_2016DSC_3124_blog

“The Handshake.” So fun to be able to capture this moment!

Champion Angus Steer ~ Malsons Style 195C


Champion Angus and Supreme Overall Female ~ Malsons Miss Kitty 190C


Reserve Champion Angus Female ~ Malsons Jilt 255C

We were very humbled for the girls to do so well this weekend. They both have worked really hard with their animals. A lot of hours go into preparing cattle for a show. So much work has to happen at home before we even start loading the trailer. The saying, “It takes a village,” certainly is true when it coming to raising and showing cattle. The whole family plays a part in our kids having the opportunity to show cattle.

It also takes a lot of volunteers and sponsors to put on junior livestock shows, and we are grateful for those giving their time and resources to make this possible.

So very thankful for this man who works hard every day and sacrifices for our family. We definitely appreciate that he spends his Father’s Day weekend at a show. I love seeing him with cows and our kids.


I was getting a little sentimental, okay a lot, and looked back at our other years at this show. Here are a few other years I have blogged. A LOT has changed and improved since our first one….

Her First Show




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Cowboy Kid | Idaho Children Photographer

natural light outdoor children's photography Jayten_7years_DSC_0966_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0968_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0970_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0973_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0978_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0981_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0990_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0994_web Jayten_7years_DSC_0998_web
Jayten_7years_DSC_1008_web Jayten_7years_DSC_1010_web Jayten_7years_DSC_1013_web Jayten_7years_DSC_1014_web Jayten_7years_DSC_1019_web Jayten_7years_DSC_1030_webAt first I titled this post Little Cowboy, but my boy is less little and more kid. Sure, he’ll always be my little boy, but I can see some growth over last year. He was excited to have some updated birthday pictures done this year. One thing I’ve found when photographing my own kids is to let less of my “wants” to dictate the session. I usual offer a few suggestions, but they love to help plan what they wear, where we go, what we do, etc.

He was very excited to grab his hat, rope and boots and head out to the pasture with the cows. He’d spend most days with his Dad watching, learning, helping on the ranch if he could.

He really loves animals of all kinds and most of the books he chooses from school are about animals. He had a fun year in first grade and I love listening to him as he learns to read. He asked for Hank the Cowdog books for his birthday, which are a little advanced for him yet, but I read the first one to him and he loves the chapters. I remember the series from when I was a kid so it’s fun to share them with him.

He enjoys helping in the kitchen, planning dinner and baking cookies. Hopefully this will serve him well one day when he’s on his own, although I don’t wish time to go by any faster than it already is.

I feel blessed to be able to raise a son—and a little nervous! I want him to grow up to be hard working, kind and respectful—especially to women. Even though he’s only 7, there are so many things his Dad and I want to instill in him. Sometimes he seems so grown up and other days I just want to grab him, hold him close and never let him go!

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  1. Awwwww…we love that guy so much! Handsome boy!

  2. Katie

    I absolutely love these! You’ll treasure them always!!


M Family | Idaho Lifestyle Phographer

family photography session JSME-8312_web JSME-8317_web JSME-8326bw_web JSME-8336_web JSME-8348bw_web JSME-8375bw_web JSME-8405_web JSME-8409bw_web JSME-8417_web JSME-8421_web JSME-8435bw_web JSME-8439_web JSME-8450_web JSME-8454bw_web JSME-8457_web JSME-8468_web JSME-8470_web JSME-8478_web JSME-8485bw_web JSME-8499_web JSME-8511_web JSME-8532bw_web JSME-8539_web JSME-8544bw_web JSME-8574bw_web

It’s hard not to love the images from this family photography session—so much fun, so much love. Can’t help but feel thankful working with great clients and watching their family grow through the years!

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